Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge

> April 16th, 2014 ---

Myles Kennedy has one of the most powerful voices in rock music today. So much so that when it came time for Slash to put together a band to go out on the road with his solo material, Myles was his first call. So much so that when Axl Rose decided to no-show Guns N Roses induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, Myles was the first call the band made to fill in for the legendary vocalist on some of the most beloved songs in rock history on the biggest rock stage of them all. And, guess what, Myles did more justice to those songs than Axl could ever do at this current stage of his career. Myles Kennedy is first and foremost the front-man for the hard rock group ALTER BRIDGE, who initially were known by most as “Creed with a different singer” but over the years have made a name for themselves with heart-pounding guitar riffs and the diverse and melodic range in Kennedy’s brilliant voice. Songs like Metalingus (which you might recognize as the entrance theme for popular WWE Superstar Edge) and Find the Real got them off to a hot start as a band years ago but recently their newest album Fortress has reminded everyone that Alter Bridge is not a band to take lightly with songs like Cry of Achilles, the opening track, kicking the ass of anyone who frequents the record. Myles joins me for a chat about their latest record, what it's like filling the shoes of some of the most polarizing figures in rock, splitting time between Alter Bridge and Slash and MUCH MUCH MORE! Follow Myles on twitter @MylesKennedy and Alter Bridge @AlterBridge and be sure to check them out on April 24th live at the Best Buy Theater in NYC!  

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Danny Tamberelli

> April 8th, 2014 ---

Danny Tamberelli was the epitome of a child star in the 90’s. He was on Pete and Pete, Figure it Out, All That and any kid who watched Nickelodeon growing up would recognize those trademark cheeks and rosy red hair anywhere. After starring in several hit TV programs as well as films like The Mighty Ducks and Igby Goes Down, Tamberelli decided to leave the entertainment industry and do what most normal kids do, go to college and start a band. Although he still does comedy with his Man Boobs Comedy group and participates in the occasional reunion for his past shows like Pete and Pete, Tamberelli’s main focus is his band JOUNCE, an alt-rock group with a definite jam band sensibility. Jounce is playing at The Spaceland Ballroom in Hamden with Local H on April 23rd and at the Brooklyn Bowl the night before! Danny joins me on the podcast this week for a fun chat about his career as an actor, all of the fun shows, movies and projects he has been involved with and his true passion, music. Follow Danny on twitter @DTamberelli and head over to www.Jounce.Org for info on all of their upcoming shows! 

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Wrestlemania 30 Preview w/ Sam Roberts from Opie and Anthony

> April 3rd, 2014 ---

With the big WWE PPV in New Orleans this weekend I am joined by our good buddy Sam Roberts from The Opie and Anthony Show and The Sam Roberts Show, who always drops by the show to talk pro wrestling! Sam recently made a few appearances on the WWE Network and spent time at the Wrestlemania Press Conference interviewing all the stars which you can check out HERE. Sam and I talk about our thoughts on all the story-lines going into Mania and what we think is going to go down on Sunday! A fun show that is not to be missed if you are a wrestling fan and during Wrestlemania season, who isn’t a wrestling fan!? Follow Sam on twitter @NotSam and listen to him on the Opie and Anthony Show and the Sam Roberts Show on Sirius Satellite Radio! And if you just can’t get enough Sam you can also download and subscribe to his podcast The Sam Roberts Show Online on iTunes! 

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Dave Attell

> March 25th, 2014 ---

When you think of Dave Attell you might think of his hit shows like Insomniac and Dave's Old Porn but first and foremost Dave is also one of the most respected and beloved stand up comedians in the world, not just from comedy fans but from his colleagues and peers. Dave is dropping by Foxwoods for a show on April 4th and will be returning to Comedy Central for his new special as well as a new series as well. One of the most iconic voices in the world of stand-up, Dave's New York attitude has transferred into one of the most unpredictable and fulfilling shows in comedy, one that thankfully reminds you that the word comedy on the door means that you might be offended and if so, tough. Dave joins me to talk about all of his past, future and current projects, the weather, Connecticut from a New Yorker's perspective, porn, reality TV, podcasts and more! For tickets to the Foxwoods show head to and follow Dave on twitter @Attell

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WSOF Fighter Nick Newell

> March 6th, 2014 ---

Nick Newell is a CT boy who is 11-0 in Mixed Martial Arts and 2-0 in World Series of Fighting, where he began competing last year. Newell is one of the most popular fighters outside of the UFC and quickly making his way up the ranks of the lightweight division. Born missing the lower half of his left arm, Newell's success in the sport of MMA is inspiring to anyone who has been told they are not properly equipped for handling a sport, a task or a challenge. Nick proves that hard work and technique can overcome anything by not just winning all his fights, but winning in impressive knockout and submission finishes that have fans on their feet. Nick joined me to discuss his short but storied career thus far, what the future holds for him, Anthony Robles, being from CT and much more! Follow Nick on twitter @NotoriousNewell and be on the look out for his next fight with World Series of Fighting! 

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Roastmaster Jeff Ross

> February 27th, 2014 ---

In the world of Comedy Central Roasts, Jeff Ross is more than a household name. He is regarded as the roast Master, being that he has appeared in more or less every roast of the last ten-fifteen years and been an integral part behind the scenes as well. Jeff joins me to talk about the art of the roast, what "too soon" is, the infamous Dave Chappelle heckling incident in Hartford last year, Charlie Sheen, all before speed roasting myself, Connecticut and Syracuse University. Follow Jeff on twitter @RealJeffRoss and who knows, maybe he’ll be kind enough to roast you, the highest honor a comedy fan can receive these days! 

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UFC 169: Faber, Lamas, Overeem and Mir!

> January 30th, 2014 ---

UFC is in town for Superbowl weekend and they are planning on blowing the roof off the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. less than 24 hours before kickoff at Metlife stadium. Not one but two title fights headline the card as fan favorite Urijah Faber takes on Bantamweight Champion Renan Barao in the main event, Jose Aldo defends his featherweight title against Ricardo Lamas and two absolute monsters battle as Alistair Overeem takes on UFC veteran Frank Mir. I got a chance to speak to all the fighters at Madison Square Garden during media day. This podcast includes my chats with Overeem, Mir, Faber and Lamas. Four interviews all in one pod-stravaganza! A great card this Saturday so if you’re in the area grab some tickets or if not, order the show, as the UFC is sure to kick off Superbowl weekend with a bang as always! Enjoy! 

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UFC’s Jake Shields Returns

> January 16th, 2014 ---

UFC Welterweight Jake Shields returns to the program to discuss his upcoming fight with Hector Lombard at UFC 171 in Dallas on March 15th. The card is filled with Welterweight bouts and Jake weighs in on who he thinks will win the title bout between Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler as well as Carlos Condit’s fight with Tyron Woodley. Jake shares his feelings on the last two guys he beat, Woodley and Damian Maia, getting higher profile opponents then him (based on rankings) as well as whether the rankings mean anything to him at all. Jake shares his thoughts on GSP taking time off and vacating the belt, Anderson Silva breaking his leg and his fellow teammates Gilbert Melendez and Nate Diaz having trouble working out their proposed fights with Khabib Nurmagomedov. As always Jake has a lot to say and that’s why he is one of our favorite guests from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Look for the movie Jake is involved with Fight Life online HERE and follow Jake on twitter @JakeShieldsAJJ

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Comedian Bob Marley

> January 8th, 2014 ---

Bob Marley is a very funny stand-up comic from the great state of Maine who you might also recognize as Detective Greenly from the Boondock Saints films. Marley tours the country telling stories about growing up and raising family in the torturous New England weather and even holds the Guinness Book record for the most consecutive hours of standup comedy ever performed on stage. Bob dropped by for a fun chat about Maine, Boston, Boondock Saints, Troy Duffy, and what it’s like sharing a name with one of the most famous musicians of all time. Follow Bob on twitter @BobMarleyComedy

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Grouplove’s Christian Zucconi

> December 12th, 2013 ---

When it came time to put together my annual Top Ten Albums of the Year for The Sound Magazine one album immediately jumped into my head. It was the album that I had been listening to non-stop since being introduced to it back in September. That album was Spreading Rumours by GROUPLOVE. The album is filled with single-worthy tracks that get you up, bring you down, chill you out and get you thinking. What’s different about this band and this album is that not every song sounds the same. In fact, you can make the argument that a lot of the tracks on Spreading Rumours sound like a completely different band entirely. The record plays like a movie soundtrack from the 90’s and I mean that in the best way possible. Recently I got to chat with Christian Zucconi, the lead male vocalist of the band who shares singer/songwriter duties with his female counterpart Hannah Hooper. Spreading Rumours ended up at #2 on my Top Ten Albums of the Year list but to be fair, depending on the minute or the hour or the day of the week, any of the top three on that list are my favorite at any given time. It was a great year for music. Christian and I chat about making this awesome record, what separates it from their debut LP, how the band is dealing with success and what to expect from them in 2014. Follow the band on twitter @Grouplove and be sure to check them out when they come to your city for a live show that is not to be missed! 

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