Joe Morton

> March 22nd, 2016 ---

The one and only Joe Morton drops by to talk about everybody's favorite guilty pleasure show, SCANDAL! We talk about Joe becoming a season regular, the social media conversation that goes along with the show, his work in 90's action films, what a Hamilton movie might be like, his upcoming NYC play and much more! 


George Wendt and Raymond Cruz

> June 12th, 2015 ---

It’s a special TWO PART podcast today where both of my guests are stars on hit TBS/TNT programs! First up is George Wendt who is known worldwide as Norm from Cheers, currently starring in the new TBS comedy, Clipped. We talk about Da Bears, Da Bulls, what Clipped has in common with Cheers and more! Then I am joined by Raymond Cruz who played Tuco on Breaking Bad and has starred in countless films like The Rock and Training Day. He currently stars on Major Crimes, a spinoff of The Closer on TNT. Both are very fun interviews with very accomplished and recognizable TV actors so check out the podcast and check them both out on TBS and TNT! 


WWE’s The Big Show

> June 8th, 2015 ---

Paul Wight, AKA The Big Show is one of the most recognizable wrestlers of the last thirty years. His size alone makes him incapable of walking through an airport without turning heads. That same size made him a superstar, first in WCW as The Giant and then in WWF and WWE as The Big Show, where he still main events to this day. The Big Show has always had acting chops, as made clear by his brief appearance on SNL in the 90’s, his small roles in movies like McGruber, talk show appearances, and now as the lead bad guy in Vendetta. Show joins me to talk about making the transition to the big screen and his career in the WWE. There is some juicy stuff in here for the wrestling fans too as Show and I dive into his Battle Royal win at this year’s Wrestlemania and whether it was the right decision, as well as his memorable finish with Cesaro at Wrestlemania 30 in the same match. This is a very fun interview you do not want to miss. My BIGGEST guest of all time! Check out Vendetta ON DEMAND NOW! 


Fieldy from KoRn

> December 4th, 2014 ---

KoRn sounds like KoRn because Fieldy has one of the most unique playing styles in all of rock music. The way he slaps his bass sounds like a second percussionist, contributing to the kind of controlled chaos that made KoRn one of the biggest bands in the world. 7 Grammy nominations and 11 albums later KoRn is still alive and well, currently on a tour with SlipKnot. Fieldy joins me to talk about the "TRL days" when they we're the peak of their stardom, branding themselves, wearing Adidas and then Puma for a while, how he got started playing the way he does and a lot more! Follow the band on twitter @Korn and get info on the tour at! 


Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit

> October 6th, 2014 ---

Say what you will about Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit, but few bands have ever and will ever reach the level of relevance and popularity that they had, in what might have been the last great pop culture boom in rock music. Thanks to MTV’s TRL, the Family Values Tours, tabloid rumors with pop starlets, and backstage incidents galore, Fred Durst became a household name that head bangers and gossip hungry teenagers talked about equally. It’s been almost two decades and Fred has a new outlook on life, admitting that for a lot of that time he might have played a character that was a version of himself, unlike the one you’d get to know while spending time close to him off stage. Limp Bizkit does still tear it up on stage however and they are performing at The Dome at Oakdale on October the 11th for a show that is sure to be jam-packed with as much energy as their legendary performances of the past. Fred was gracious enough to drop by A Shot of Yager for an eye-opening chat about himself and Limp Bizkit, both then and now, as well and Fred’s projects in the world of film and TV. Follow Fred on twitter @FredDurst



> September 3rd, 2014 ---

When it comes to word association, there might not be a single word or name that makes one think of rock music more than Slash. Highly regarded as one of, if not the most iconic hard rock and heavy metal guitarist of all time, Slash was finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Guns N Roses in 2012. Slash proved he was an artist who could evolve and continue to make great music without his troubled counterpart, Axl Rose, when he formed Velvet Revolver with former Stone Temple Pilots front-man, Scott Weiland, who also has his fair share of demons. For the third stage of his illustrious career, Slash has become the name on the marquee, forming his solo project Slash and the Conspirators and dropping his third solo album since 2010 this year. Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy, the vocalist who has Slash’s riffs and chords in his hands now, has done nothing but impress the guitar legend on and off the stage. It was an absolute honor for the one and only Slash to drop by The Sound for an in-depth chat about the many stages of his career, the various vocalists and personalities who have played huge parts along the way, how he looks so good at forty-nine years old and MORE! Follow Slash on twitter @SLASH and head to for more info on his tour!


SA Martinez from 311 Returns!

> August 15th, 2014 ---

Anyone who knows me or is a fan of this show knows that I have been rockin’ out to 311 since the mid 90’s. To say it’s a pleasure to get to talk to the guys I’ve been going to see every summer for over half of my life is an understatement. This is the 2nd time SA Martinez has joined me on the podcast (1st time HERE) and although we get a ton of 311 talk in, his main reason for catching up is to tell me about his new side project Los Stellarians, who have an album dropping soon that has one of the coolest titles I’ve heard in a while, Cholo Soul. The album is all covers but SA says an album of originals is due to drop soon as well. This episode is must listen for any 311 fan but is also very fun chat for everyone’s enjoyment cause SA is always a great interview, being by far, one of the chillest dudes around. We talk about crazy 311 fans, wedding requests, why 311 doesn’t do more covers, cell phones at shows, their recent stops in NYC and CT and a whole lot more! Cholo Soul will be available on 8/26 and they are putting out 500 limited edition vinyls that are a must own to say the absolute least! Remember to head to for info on the album, upcoming performances and more! Always follow 311 on twitter @311 and listen to Los Stellarians’ single “Didn’t I” HERE!


Rome Ramirez of Sublime With Rome

> July 31st, 2014 ---

If you are a living, breathing person under the age of forty you likely grew up listening to Sublime like I did. To this day Sublime is one of the most popular bands in the world, almost twenty years after the passing of their original singer Bradley Nowell in 1996. Rome Ramirez also grew up a California kid listening to Sublime, becoming obsessed as a teenager and molding his style, wardrobe and musical direction to mimic the band he fell in love with. This came in handy in 2009 when Bud and Eric, the remaining members of Sublime decided to make Rome their new front-man, forming Sublime with Rome. Their 2011 album, Your’s Truly, was both an ode to Bradley and a coming out party for Rome, blending the classic Long Beach punk/reggae sensibilities of the original Sublime with the brilliant pop-style singer/songwriter stylings of their new frontman. That album came in at #3 on my Top Ten Albums of 2011 list and you can read that review HERE. When that album dropped it was clear that although Rome was touring the country playing some of the most beloved songs of all time by Sublime, along with their new Sublime With Rome material, that he also had talent as a mainstream singer/songwriter that rivaled some of the biggest pop superstars in the world, like Bruno Mars. It is no surprise to hear that in the last year alone Rome has written and produced tracks for the likes of Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez and Jason Derulo. In a podcast I am thrilled to share with you, Rome joins me this week for a very fun chat about what it was like joining the band that shaped his youth, all of his current projects on stage and behind the scenes, what having his name IN the band name has done for his profile, where his career goes from here and much much more! Follow Rome on twitter @RomeMusica and follow Sublime With Rome @SublimeWithRome. Remember to check them our on tour now, all dates and info available at


Marlon Wayans

> July 23rd, 2014 ---

If you’re a fan of comedy, or just a person, you know Marlon Wayans from movies like Senseless, The Sixth Man, Scary Movie, White Chicks, GI Joe, Requiem For a Dream and Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. You likely grew up with Marlon on your TV set every week on shows like In Living Color and The Wayans Bros. The one thing Marlon wasn’t known for until recently was standup comedy but now he is hitting the road with his three brothers, Keenan Ivory, Shawn and Damon for a Wayans Brothers Standup Comedy Tour that rolls through Newark, NJ. on August 1st! Marlon joins me for a really fun chat about what it was like getting into standup after already having success as a film and TV personality, what their tour is like, what it was like making Requiem for a Dream and how it felt to see his co-star Jared Leto take home the Oscar this year. Follow Marlon on twitter @MarlonWayans and for more info on the Wayans Brothers Comedy Tour and to buy tickets CLICK HERE!


Comedian Nick DiPaolo

> July 21st, 2014 ---

Nick DiPaolo hits the stage at Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, CT. for a night of standup comedy on August 2nd and you can get tickets for that show HERE! One of the most funniest guys around, DiPaolo is known for his appearances on Howard Stern, The Nick and Artie Show and his brand new Nick DiPaolo Podcast on the Riotcast network. Nick’s been a star on the Comedy Central Roasts for years and has always been a comic who garners tremendous respect from comedy fans and fellow comedians alike. Was a pleasure to be joined by Nick for a fun chat about Connecticut, the state of standup comedy in America, podcasting and much more! Follow Nick on twitter @NickDiPaolo!